Baldwin Delivery  Services
to order call  973-764-4066
  For Outside Tanks ask for our anti-gel treatment*

  • Simply call to schedule in a delivery
  • 150 gallon minimum
  • Discounted price for 200 gallons
  • Volume Discount prices available for those with a tank capacity to order over 400 gallons or 650 gallons at a time (Per 1 Stop Location)
  • Payment is due at the time of delivery or prior

Automatic Delivery

  • Consider becoming an Automatic Customer, it’s simple and convenient.  There is no forgetting to call, No contract required, just a simple form and you can cancel at anytime. 
  • There is NO extra charge for this convenience. You are only charged our posted price per gallon of the day; same as if you called in.
  • We schedule you based on a modern & widely used system that calculates your average heat and hot water usage with the outside temperature using a number called “degree days”
  • Each delivery your tank is topped off
  • To become an automatic customer simply requires a Visa,  Mastercard  or  Discover credit card. We leave the ticket receipt at your home after each delivery. (Pre-authorization on credit cards is standard procedure)

Budget-Auto Plan

  • Being a budget customer is great for those who like to plan ahead. Making monthly payments year round helps to spread out your total heating cost.
  • To Sign up:  call to have your tank filled in May or June (begins 8/1)
  • A contract is required and mailed to you in July.  This plan runs from August 1st to June 1st (11 months)
  • To receive a budget-plan contract, you must begin with a full tank and $0. balance.
  • We then delivery to you on an automatic basis and leave the ticket receipt at your home each time. You also receive a few mailings.
  • Your estimated monthly payment is based on your previous usage and the average predictions the market price is expected to be.
  • *For each delivery you’re only charged our posted price per gallon of the day.
  • Any outstanding balance you may have is due by June 15th. (If you happen to end with a credit balance it will simply be applied to your next delivery or will be returned to you!)
  • For a Budget Contract please call us

24  Hour  Emergency  Delivery
*After hours or holiday delivery Fee may apply
Call: 973-764-4066